About me 


I am a dancer and choreograpgher and also have a background in social and behavioural science. I have aBachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A) in Dance and Choreography from Stockholm University of the Arts (former DOCH), a Bachelor of Medical Science (B.Med.Sci) in Psychology from Karolinska Institute, and a Master of Arts (M.A) in Gender Studies with a Specialization in Gender Politics in Practice from Södertörn University. 

I have a broad work experience which includes working with freelance projects, events, sales and pedagogic work with children. I have initiated an explorative choreographic project centered around technology such as Virtual Reality and Motion Capture together with dancer and choreographer Anna Näsström and the project was granted state funding from the Swedish Arts Grants Comittiee and The Swedish National Touring Company as well as residency with Rum för dans.


I am analytical and through in my work. My areas of expertise is within performing arts, gender equality work, psychological and sociological perspectives on organizations and behavioural change. As an independent artist I have and understanding for cultural politics


Jag är utbildad beteendevetare och har en konstnärlig bakgrund inom dans och koreografi. Jag har en med.kand i psykologi och en film.mag i genusvetenskap med inriktning på förändringsarbete. Min konstnärliga bakgrund kommer från det nutida dansfältet. 

Tillsammans med Anna Näsström bildar jag konstnärsduon Ongoing realities och vi har drivit ett utforskande koreografiskt projekt centrerat kring rörelse och digtiala tekniker såsom Virtual Reality. Projektet beviljades statligt ekonomiskt stöd av Konstnärsnämnden och Riksteatern Väst

Jag har även varit verksam som pedagog, haft frilansuppdrag inom förlagsbranschen samt som föreläsare. Hösten 2020 föreläste jag bland annat om jämställdhetens historia och förändringsstrategier på Nobelmuseet i Stockholm. 

Research and evaluation

Competence in summarizing and communicating scientific knowledge as well as conducting both quantative and qualitative evaluations


Good inter personal skills and presentation skills 


I am open and curious as a person which I believe is important to staying creative


Södertörn University 2018-2019

Master of Arts in Gender Studies 

Specialization Gender Politics in Practice 

This degree included theoretical and practical aspects of gender politics, organizations and power stuctures and research methods. In my master´s thesis I investigated the work with the political directive known as gender mainstreaming at an artistic institution 

Freelance Choreographer 2019-

Initiatior for a project called Ongoing realities which deals with Virtual Reality and contemporary dance and choreography. The project have been supported by The Swedish Arts Grants Comittee and the performance had premiere on the 20th of November 2021 at Konstmuseet in Skövde. A spin off of the project currently holds funding from the Swedish Arts Council.


Stockholm University of the Arts 2006-2007 / 2011-2013

School of Dance and Circus (former DOCH)

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance and Performance 

This degree included professional training in dance and choregraphy as well as cultural- and art theory. The courses included repertoary work as well as creative chreographic projects. In my artistic exam project I engaged with feminist academic writings and theory of materiality and I explored performative writing alongside my physical choreographic presentation 

Other university credits 

Lund University 2017-2018 / 2013-2014 

Sociology: Second level 30 credits,

20 weeks full time

Sociology: Social Psychology 30 credits,

20 weeks full time 

Stockholm University 2017 / 2011 / 2009 

History of Ideas / Intellectual History : Second level, 22.5 credits, 15 weeks full time

Basic Chemistry: Inorganic, Physical, Organic and Biochemistry, 30 credits, 20 weeks full time 

The Cultural History of Sexuality 15 credits, 10 weeks full time 

Södertörn University 2014 

History of ideas / Intellectual History 30 credits, 20 weeks full time 

Mid Sweden University 2011

Leadership and Organizational Theory 7.5 credits, 5 weeks full time 

Linköping University 

Scientific Aprroaches within Social and Behavioural Sciences 7.5 credits, 5 weeks full time 

Riksteatern Väst 2019-2020

Swedish National Touring Company

Artist in Residence 

Natur och Kultur - Publishing company 2018-2020


  • Event: Psykiatrimässan, Socionomdangarna,
    Unga Vuxna dagarna, MBT 
  • Research 
  • Administration 

Rum för Dans och Teater Halland 2019

Artist in Residence 

Printz Publishing 2019


  • Review of the translation of the terminology for the behavioural and scientific content of a book about Mindfulness 

Lidingö Stad

Child care at Nattuglan 2017-2020

Local Manager at Summer School for Toddlers 2018

Child care at Summer School for Toddlers 2015-2019

KICKS 2007-2013 

Sales Representative at the Department for Cosmetics 

4inflight International Limited 2007-2008

Business development  

Karolinska Institute 2014-2017

Bachelor of Medical Science in Psychology 

This degree included studies in a wide array of psychological disciplines with theoretical and practical applications within cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, social psychology, clinical psychology, work- and organizational psychology and more. My bachelor thesis was a quantitative investigation on whether certain career attributes varied with horizontal gender segregation at the Swedish labour market over a ten year period.

Ayurveda Yoga Retreat and Hospital 2008 

Yoga Teacher Trainging certificate 317 hrs 

Classical Ashtanga yoga

It´s Yoga Stockholm 2009

Yoga Teacher Trainging certificate 200 hrs 

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga

Åsö Adult Education / Åså Vuxengymnasium 2010-2011

Science Foundation Year: Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology and Physics at high school level. 1 year full time. 

Södra Latin Upper Secondary School 2004-2006

Upper Secondary School Diploma: Performing Arts Programme in Dance, 3 years full time